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Project Life | June

So i have been getting into cropping my 4x6" photos in half and inserting them in the smaller dividers where you add your journaling instead, if you crop it right it does not look bad and u have more room for extra photos if you don't feel like journaling. Here's how mine looks.   ... Read the Post

A-Z Quiz

A-Z I saw this survey on Allison's blog, and I just had to do it. It's true what she says it does remind me of being in high school and filling out those silly MySpace & social site surveys. A. Age: 26 years old! Almost over the hill! B. Bed size: Full. Good enough for one person. C. Chore that you hate: I cannot stand doing laundry, i think it's the folding of the clothes that annoys me. I rather throw it in the laundry bag and hang them up when i get home if it were up to me :). D. Dogs: Two Chloe (a maltese) and Lola (a yorkie). ... Read the Post

Pinterest | Loving at the Moment

I am usually a evernote freak, i love to collect little bits of things i see over the internet but i hate to waste paper and print and paste into a book, i want to be able to have something on me at all times either by computer, or mobile phone where i can refer back to my "inspo" collection of goods. So i am a firm user of evernote, but not so long ago i discovered Pinterest which sort of works the same way, but it's like a huge community (think facebook) where you can add friends, see what they pin and re-pin it to your collection board also. ... Read the Post

Photo Murals

I am a huge lovers of photos and i have recently been going crazy with these beautiful ideas all over the internet on doing photo wall murals. Basically a collage of a whole bunch of photos you may have lying around.   ... Read the Post

Room Tour

I mostly got my room down packed on how i want it to look and feel. I wanted it to be comfortable and bright. I also wanted it to be functional where i can have my own area to work. Most of my furniture is from Ikea from the line Hermes. My desk is a regular white long vika desktop you can find at Ikea with the Vika Alex Drawers that hold the table top up. I love it. It's functional and long enough to work on, so far it's perfect for me. My little bench here (technically a tv stand) is long and very sturdy to sit on so i made it into a bench ... Read the Post