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Drake is Home!

So finally after a month being back with his mom, Drake is finally back with us. It's a complicated story but i would never deny a mother her child and now for good reasons he is staying with us again for a while. It's very heartbreaking getting use to a child and seeing him leave you later on. I had a hard time getting over it when he left the end of March and I want only what's best for him, a loving environment with family where he can get everything he needs. He is such a sweet kid and i am excited he is back with us for a while. Time for ... Read the Post

Loving | House Goods

I am such a sucker for home decor, especially if it's things i can do myself! I know once i get my home i will be going crazy decorating it. It's just something I've always loved. Here are some projects/ideas that i am loving! 1. A fun Nursery or even a child's bookcase! 2. Ruffled Panel Curtains a nice DIY, I love it! 3. Citrus Color palatte | Love this color combo for a little girls room! 4. Not sure where this is from i found it on Pinterest but if you know it's original source i would love to give credit. Nice window/door frames! 5. ... Read the Post

10 Confessions About Me

1. I am a super sensitive person. I will cry for almost anything, movies, books, i even feel like crying if i see a little old lady crossing the street by herself. Anything easily breaks or warms my heart. 2. I rather have my room bright with daylight than being in a dim room, it depresses me if its dim. 3. I hate talking on the phone for a long period of time, i like keeping it short and simple and rather talk in person. I rarely txt also. 4. Although i was born and raised in NYC and love it, i rather live in the suburbs. It's something ... Read the Post

Loving | Woof Style by Etsy

I love my girls Chloe & Lola and these are some awesome things i have found on etsy and on my wish list for them. 1. Purple Leopard Tutu 2. Engraved Buckle 3. Pajamas | How adorable 4. Wonder Woman Costume | For halloween! 5. A necklace | With Chloes name 6. Peacock tutu 7. Dog harness | I like these better than collars because my pups love to pull when walking them, easier on the neck. 8. Flower Collar 9. Dog Tuxedo Cuffs, although my dogs are girls this is adorable! 10. City Chic Hoodie haha ... Read the Post

10 Guilty Pleasures & Habits

Yes we all have them and i am living proof of having many! 1. Mexican Food | I cannot live without it, it's my favorite food besides Pasta. 02. Reading | I'm a bookworm and have a habit of reading, have it be books, magazines, blogs. You will hardly ever catch me watching TV. Currently i am into the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. 03. Brooklyn Cupcakes | I just love their cupcakes, if you are in the NYC area you must try them! This is our go to spot for cupcakes, they have tons of flavors from Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog which is my ... Read the Post

Loving | Random

So this week while i had the pleasure of being home from work relaxing :) i came across some very interesting links that i became in awe of. Some artists, some free treats, and just things I liked. Marion Bolognesi | Water color artist, beautiful art work!   Paper Coterie | They have some lovely free prints to download as cards, and also all their other products are eye candy!   Xray Nikon Photographer | Interesting and cool! Catch video and learn more.   Travel Planner | If only i had time to draw like this and have my ... Read the Post

Loving | Etsy Spring List

A couple of things i am loving from Etsy with a spring feel ..... mapano $25.00 ThreeBirdNest $22.50 ThreeBirdNest $22.50 sunshineandcar... $22.00 thatfunkybouti... $44.00 williamandcind... $12.99 MadeByJulie $32.99 GentleDecision... $25.00 WomanStyleStor... $16.00 JoynerAvenue $78.00 lovesexton $24.80 deezdoggbling $24.00 Treasury tool by Red Row Studio ... Read the Post

My Easter Week

I am off this whole week from work and i am actually enjoying the quiet alone time a bit. I can catch up on my current reading and just enjoy some me time. I had a nice Easter too, went to my church and after I met with Thomas and had some sushi :) in the north side of Brooklyn. I am so happy he learned to eat it, he can be a picky eater only because he likes to play it safe when it comes to food, especially eating out, he doesn't want to order something he doesn't enjoy and honestly, i don't blame him. But it's always good to try something ... Read the Post