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Drake is Home!

So finally after a month being back with his mom, Drake is finally back with us. It's a complicated story but i would never deny a mother her child and now for good reasons he is staying with us again for a while. It's very heartbreaking getting use to a child and seeing him leave you later on. I had a hard time getting over it when he left the end of March and I want only what's best for him, a ... Read the Post

Loving | House Goods

I am such a sucker for home decor, especially if it's things i can do myself! I know once i get my home i will be going crazy decorating it. It's just something I've always loved. Here are some projects/ideas that i am loving! 1. A fun Nursery or even a child's bookcase! 2. Ruffled Panel Curtains a nice DIY, I love it! 3. Citrus Color palatte | Love this color combo for a little girls ... Read the Post

10 Confessions About Me

1. I am a super sensitive person. I will cry for almost anything, movies, books, i even feel like crying if i see a little old lady crossing the street by herself. Anything easily breaks or warms my heart. 2. I rather have my room bright with daylight than being in a dim room, it depresses me if its dim. 3. I hate talking on the phone for a long period of time, i like keeping it short and simple ... Read the Post