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A day at South Street Seaport

I love my beautiful city New York, seriously there is nothing boring about it. There are tons of shops, locations, restaurants to visit and you still won't see it all! This past weekend we took a day to hang out just my best friend Helen, her husband, the fiance and my brother Gabriel to just go and enjoy the south street seaport, and of course have dinner. I wont lie, the face that i live in NYC ... Read the Post

100 Things about Me | Part 76-100

76. I use to work at American Girl Place and hated it. Although i met nice friends there. I use to love their dolls there when i was little i always wanted Josephina and finally bought her, but disliked the place and phony workers. 77. I love to eat cucumbers by themselves, I find them so fresh. 78. I am a lounge/Bar girl, I dislike night clubs. 79. I hate to argue. If you feel the sky is purple ... Read the Post

100 Things about Me | Part 51-75

51. I love BBQ's 52. I rather go to a restaurant than cook. 53. I want to visit FIJI/Bora Bora. 54. I use to watch saved by the bell religiously everyday after school. 55. It takes a whole lot to get me upset. 56. I give people the benefit of the doubt way too much. 57. I know i need glasses because i see a little blurry from far but never went to get it checked, it's on my list of things to ... Read the Post