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Life Lately with Drake

We have been trying to teach Drake potty training, which has been interesting. He seems like he finally got the hang of it! Embarrassing photo that he will kill me for in the future ahead lol! This is Drake lately, he loves peanut butter and jelly on toast while he lays in my bedroom and watches Dora. His new obsession besides Elmo. He is crazy with netflix lately and is constantly making me change the shows, there is just too many option for them now, when i was young, whatever was on tv is what we watched! He also has been obsessed with ... Read the Post

Loving | Fall Nail Colors

So i have been on a manicure kick this season, i am in love with all of Essies fall colors. I was doing the gel nail manicures in the summer time, but it wasn't really good for my nails. They started getting weaker and splitting so i stopped. Now i am doing regular manicures and i am loving all of the dark colors. My favorite this season is an old color I believe from last season called Soul Mate from Essie. Very nice, looks almost black but it is a dark purple color mixed with shades or red/brown. Some new ones i would like to try are: This ... Read the Post