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Project Life 2013 | Week 3 & 4

Nothing too crazy this week, I just added our birthday weekends and little random tidbits as we ended January going into February. I focused more on just adding the photos in since i've been busy. I wanted to incorporate more writing into the pages, lets see if i can add more later, i still have to figure it out but so far i am ok with how it is. I'm trying to use different page protectors ... Read the Post

Two year old and the iPad

Seriously i don't know what to do with Drake. He seems to be getting more and more addicted to the iPad. I don't know if this is normal behavior with children and technology now a days or if its a bad thing. Lately all drake wants is my iPhone or iPad. I know a lot of kids love playing with it but it's gotten to the point where he wants to throw tantrums about it, especially if we go to charge it. ... Read the Post

Loving | Valentine Edition

I know for some people valentine's day can be cheesy but i personally love it. What girl doesn't want to receive flowers or a cute gift in the name of love, although you should always show love everyday in my opinion. Loving these items i came across lately for valentine's day or just everyday. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ... Read the Post