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Gel Love!

One of the benefits of working in a school is having the same vacation schedule as the kids. So this week i have been catching up on a lot of things i am working on. One of it being my Project Life, Drake's Birthday party and organizing random things. I also wanted to pop on in here to share a review on my new favorite product! Sensationail! Ok seriously, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I just finished painting my nails 5 min ago and i am typing this post immediately after. It's a gel manicure kit (which i get done a lot ... Read the Post

Currently | 03.20.13

Happy First day of spring! Life has been extremely busy, and well this is what I've currently been up too ..... Drinking: Lots of water which has me running to the bathroom every five minutes. Eating: Healthy, Diet crunch time . Listening: To the train pass by out the window while i am at work. Wearing: Relaxed leggings, black tank with a beige cardigan and some flats. Reading: Just finished Safe Haven which was a nice read, but i don't believe it's one of Nicholas Sparks best books. Feeling: Accomplished, driven and a little disappointed that ... Read the Post