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Summer at a Glance | 2013

What the fudge?! Summer is done. Summer was ..... summer. Even though summer is not my favorite season with all the heat waves, i still enjoy it for all it has to offer. Everyone loves a good BBQ, pool time, vacation, spending time with family & friends, and all the works. Here is a recap of my summer. Although i have to say this is my most laid back summer yet, usually I am doing something everyday, but this year was more me time which i enjoyed. A lot went on:1 // I got to try Trader Joes Cookie Butter for the first time.2 // Drake ... Read the Post

L+T What We’re Up to Lately

Spending lots of time with my lovie lately. You never really realize how much you can love & enjoy someones company. So what have we been up to lately ..... Watching tons of shows on Netflix: Orange is the New Back, Breaking Bad, random movies. Hitting the Gym together, he motivates me to go more than i motivate myself in all honesty lol. He's such a good support system. Trying different restaurants around our area especially in Williamsburg, North Side of Brooklyn. We tried this neat place called The Lodge once which was great and ... Read the Post

Beauty | Favorite Products

Woohoo! Time for some of my beauty favorites. I love makeup :) it just makes me so happy! Here are a list of my top favorite beauty products so far that i have been using regularly lately. 1. Elf Studio Brushes | I have just purchased these and I was a little skeptical because they were really inexpensive and I have had some bad experiences with cheap brushes. These brushes though are pretty amazing compared to those higher brand brushes. They work perfectly and so far have held up pretty good. They are also really soft which i ... Read the Post

Loving | Orange is the New Black

So Netflix came out with a new series called Orange is the New Black and I gotta say it is pretty amazing. I just finished the first season and am anxiously waiting for season two now. Seriously this is the only thing i dislike about Netflix, is waiting for new seasons to come out. Oh the anxiety! If you aren't familiar with the show here is a quick summary..... It focuses on a girl named Piper who use to live a wild, exciting past life in her early twenties as a lesbian. She was madly in love with her girlfriend Alex and pretty much ... Read the Post

Girls Day

Had a nice day with my girls on Wednesday. We met up at Chili's for Happy Hour to catch up on how our summer has been going lately, since we are off from work. We pretty much just talked crap and laughed the whole time we were together. I love them, just being together and talking about anything without judgement, and always guaranteed a laughing moment makes spending time with them the best. I guess you can see we are a little bit of Alcoholics haha, i had tons of Margaritas. ... Read the Post

Alex & Ani Obsession

First of all, Happy Mid-August everyone! Wow summer is flying by. My summer has been great so far, mostly spending it with family and friends and enjoying it. But it honestly has flew by to me. In a way, even though there are so many heat waves in NYC and i am doing little activities here and there, i don't feel like its summer time. Does that make sense? Maybe because i'm not my crazy self anymore partying 24/7 like i use to haha. Anyhoots! I also have gotten into this new addiction called Alex and Ani. Has anyone heard of it? It is ... Read the Post

Sesame Place

So this past Thursday, we took the kids to Sesame Place out in Pennsylvania for Kate's 7th Birthday. What a sweet time! The kids were so excited and I think Thomas and I enjoyed it more than the kids, and let me tell you the kids were excited. The parade was simply adorable, i mean it had me all smiles. They had tons of water rides which i was surprised to see, Drake loved the pool but the splashing water rides, not so much. I don't get him, he loves playing in pools or bath tubs but hates splashing or showers. So Count's Splash Castle was ... Read the Post