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Summer at a Glance | 2013

What the fudge?! Summer is done. Summer was ..... summer. Even though summer is not my favorite season with all the heat waves, i still enjoy it for all it has to offer. Everyone loves a good BBQ, pool time, vacation, spending time with family & friends, and all the works. Here is a recap of my summer. Although i have to say this is my most laid back summer yet, usually I am doing something ... Read the Post

Loving | Memory Keeping Supplies

I had my eyes on a couple of these memory keeping supplies. Things that are cute, or just wanting. They just might get purchased really soon to add into my project life album. 1 //We R Memory Keepers 3x4 Punch. This is useful for my project life albums. 2 //Kelly Purkey's Stamps. Love all the social goodness! 3 // These wooden embellishments! 4 // More wooden goodness! 5 // Attach ... Read the Post

L+T What We’re Up to Lately

Spending lots of time with my lovie lately. You never really realize how much you can love & enjoy someones company. So what have we been up to lately ..... Watching tons of shows on Netflix: Orange is the New Back, Breaking Bad, random movies. Hitting the Gym together, he motivates me to go more than i motivate myself in all honesty lol. He's such a good support system. Trying ... Read the Post