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Loving | Favorite TV Shows

I am not a constant TV lover but that doesn't mean i don't like to see a good TV show or movie from time to time. I just won't sit at my TV 24/7. Ever since i got Netflix though i have enjoyed a couple of shows a lot. Some that kept me watching till i finished the seasons, and yes i know some are old shows but like i said i don't keep up with real time tv. So these are the shows I am loving ... Read the Post

Loving | Coral & Gold

I am beginning to think coral is my favorite color. I don't know for some reason I always gravitate towards it and I always loved bright colors, but coral, it's one of my favorites. One combination i am beginning to love is Coral & Gold. 1 // Pretty coral and Gold Bracelet. I can stack these with my Alex & Ani's. 2 // Coral & Gold Necklace from forever 21, talk about ... Read the Post

Awesome Life | 5 Tips on Debt & Budgets

I wont lie it is so darn hard to keep a budget and trying to stick to it. Lets face it life is expensive and sometimes you just spend without thinking. If you want to try an stay focus on saving or just sticking to a normal budget in general here are some tips that i have learned along the way. It's not to say i am perfect in any means or that i am a financial expert, but these are basic tips that ... Read the Post