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Loving | Holiday Wishlist

So i am usually a very easy person to shop for in the holiday season, i mean i really don't ask for much; anything usually makes me happy. This year though i can't help but have my eyes on some cool items that would be nice to have, just in case a family member is watching ;) . This is what i have been loving and wishing for this Holiday season.1 // Naked Pallet | As much as i love makeup i still haven't bought this for myself and i have heard great reviews on it. How it's really flexible and great pigmentation. 2 // Nikon Lens | I need a ... Read the Post

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, as the Holidays are approaching and things are super busy and fast pace, sometimes you just need to take a moment and be thankful for everything you have. Even though i am thankful everyday, at this time of year it really comes to a surprise as to how blessed i truly am. I am thankful for a few things this year, in no particular order: For my health | That i can see, hear, walk, talk and overall enjoy life. My friends & family | I have the best family and friends that are so supportive. For Drake ... Read the Post

Beauty | Favorite Products for the Fall!

I love the fall but at times it can be rough on your skin. NYC late fall weather is more like winter, for example it is 21 degrees right now and my skin is starting to feel like sandpaper, you get my drift?! So yea, lately i have been loving a couple of these items not only for my skin but on a daily basis, just because. 1. Essie Wicked | I have been wearing Essie's Wicked for years now, it is my go to favorite fall color of all time. Something about it makes me look at my nails/hand all the time. 2. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint | OK this ... Read the Post

Drake Gets Glasses

Oh the joy, Drake got glasses. He wasn't too thrilled about it at first but we made it into something fun and "cool" for him. He grasped the concept a little and was smooth sailing after that. The only thing though is that he kept fighting me at the store on which glasses he wanted. Obviously i won! He forgot about the pair he wanted (which were blue and too big for his face, otherwise i would of gave in) and anyway this pair looks much better on him. I was surprised he wanted nothing to do with the plastic flex glasses which i thought were ... Read the Post