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A Year in Review | 2013

January | Thomas got accepted into the FDNY Academy, one of the hardest goals to finish for the new year. February | Drake started preschool at a young age. I thought it was going to be hard, he cried a little which is normal but eventually he got the hang of it. He loved working on arts & crafts. March | The month we finally found a venue for our wedding. We are in love with it. April | I finally figured out how to make cake pops and love making them. May | Thomas graduated from the FDNY and become a fireman. Truly a happy ... Read the Post

Christmas Photos

After all of these photos you know what's the sad part, i didn't take any of myself :( really? Wow. Well here was my Christmas ..... I baked cake pops which came out great and spent lots of time with friends and family. Drake got tons of Thomas the Train stuff, it's insane now that i see it all in person.Drake threw a disgusting tantrum that i wanted to take all his toys and throw them out the window, all because he didn't want to say sorry for something he said that was unacceptable. Which honestly I would of let him sly if he wasn't making ... Read the Post

Merry Christmas

Image Source I hope everyone is having a beautiful Christmas with loved ones. Just dropping by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I am currently at my home with my family recovering from last night's festivities at my bff's family's holiday party. We are about to open presents soon when Thomas get's home from work, he had to do a double shift at the fire house, poor guy. So once he gets here we will be cracking open those presents. I can sleep a little more though to be honest, I spent the past two days baking and making cake pops which ... Read the Post

Beauty | What’s in my Makeup Bag

Today i am sharing a peek into my current makeup bag. This makeup bag is my favorite, its from Forever21. It's so me and what i would say haha, love it. So here's what's inside: Nars Illuminator | This is great for highlighting, i love to add this above my cheeks to give a nice glowing highlight, this is in the color orgasm. Nars Duo Blush Pallette also in Orgasm/Laguna | This is my daily blush lately and it comes with a nice bronzer that you can use alone or as a contour. Mac Studio Fix Foundation Powder and Press Powder skin ... Read the Post

Loving | Favorite Candles by Bath & Body Works

So this month i burned tons of candles from a huge haul i did at Bath & Body Works in the fall. Do you believe i am pretty much done with them and only have 2 candles left out of 10! Yikes i burned those puppies fast. I just have really been enjoying candles a lot lately and i burn them daily, so when Bath & Body Works had their 2 for $22 sale i jumped on it. Out of all the candles, here are my top 5 favorites that i purchased (in no particular order): So a brief description about the scents: Eucalyptus Mint | This has a very nice ... Read the Post

7 Spoken Phrases | Drake

Oh my baby bear, how big you are getting :( He is so opinionated, and quick to speak his mind, he's just growing up so quickly, man how time flies by. Here are some sweet phrases Drake like's to say lately ..... "Yaya (that's what he calls me) I am not a baby I'm a big boy!" | There is no calling this kid baby lately. He refuses to allow anyone to call him a baby and even if they do he will stop them mid sentence and tell them exactly like this. "I'm not cute, I'm Handsome! Cute is for girls and Handsome is for boys!" | Same goes for ... Read the Post

Currently | Dec. 18th

Drinking: A lot of coffee, i had stopped for a while but i really need to chill out cause i am beginning to make it a habit again, i am already having about 2-3 cups a day. eeks. Eating: Thomas has been cooking for me lately, he made this delicious BBQ chicken, but seriously it was like the best BBQ chicken i have ever had with loaded mashed potatoes. I hat a little of the potatoes but the chicken, wow! He's definitely picking up great cooking skills at the fire house lol. Listening: Holiday Music, all day everyday. Literally. At work, it's ... Read the Post

Road Trip Diaries | Ohio

This past weekend we drove out to Ohio to celebrate my cousins college commencement at YSU. I'm extremely proud of her she graduated top of her class with honors and was the student speaker for the class of 2013. She even made the news! Such an overachiever hahaha (its a joke i have with her) but seriously i am so proud of her. She was always a straight A student so she deserves the recognition from everyone. Check her out on the news: 21 News Now, More Local News for Youngstown, Ohio - We spent four days out in Ohio and boy was it nice. We ... Read the Post

Best Cupcakes of NYC

I know i am dieting and you must be thinking, wait what? Cupcakes? Well yes, I love baked goods and this past year i have really been into cupcakes. Which is the main cause of my weight gain. It all started with one local bakeshop in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Cupcakes. They are the ones who really got me into cupcakes in general. This bakeshop is filled with the most delicious original flavored cupcakes in NYC. I mean you cannot get enough of them, so after that i started trying different cupcake spots and well who knew there were so many?! So ... Read the Post