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Wedding Wednesday | Bridesmaids Dresses

So this month we finally found the dress for the bridesmaids. I am very happy with them because they were the dresses i always wanted to begin with. I remember seeing them on a wedding blog when i first started saving images and inspirations. I was in love with the way you can have the same dress but different looks. Let me just say we went to two stores and we were done! I originally had an ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Birthday & Massachusetts

TINK * TINK * Hey guys! I know i have been major M.I.A. what can i say it's been a pretty busy week.  I haven't had time to blog to be honest and I was busy partying it up and living the life for a little bit. lol Not really, although i have been partying I have also been a little distracted lately. I had a stressful week worrying about something and in the end it ended up okay. I don't think it's ... Read the Post

Awesome Life | 10 Steps to Enjoying Life

 Image Source Take a simple walk, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of life, even when things can become a little hectic, doing something as simple as taking a long walk to clear your mind from everyday life allows you to go back with a fresh mind and better attitude. Have at least 15 minutes of peace and quiet for the day, or lock yourself in your car. Do not take ... Read the Post