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Thomas & How we Met!

I'm normally not a mushy person, I don't care about receiving flowers or going on fancy smanshy dates, hey I'm all for take out and staying home at times! So this holiday is blah to me. Valentines day has never been a favorite holiday of mine, in general I could care less about it. I am sure a lot of you feel this way and some enjoy it, which is great too. I however, will get a little mushy here for a second because I love my babe, and although I am not into celebrating this holiday I do feel like I should share the story on how we met and why ... Read the Post

Project Life | January 2014

I don't know what I was thinking doing a weekly project life album. I really wanted to follow through with it, but right now my schedule is not allowing me to accomplish this. It's okay though, because I am completely fine with going about it differently and going back to my old style which was monthly. Although I really would love to do a weekly album, I might just do it next year and continue this album monthly like I did with all my other albums. I am still doing my 365 photos project though. So yea here is the rest of my January pages. ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Snow & Wedding Prep.

Hi my loves! This week has been a little ..... busy. I won't lie I have not been too organized here lately, I have a whole bunch of other things going on now. As the wedding is really coming to a reality now I am a little more focused on it lately. It's one thing to pin a whole bunch of images on Pinterest and say this is what my dream wedding will look like and another thing actually finalizing decisions and figuring out costs. It's crazy how Pinterest makes it seem super easy till it's time to pick, choose and compare prices. eek! So what ... Read the Post