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Quotes & Memes I Live By

After the passing of my friend, I see life in a whole new way. I thought I did, but now I get it. I try not to let the negativity life brings consume me. I want to live a happy full life and these are the quotes/memes I like to live by.....   ... Read the Post

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter, I did that's for sure. I got to spend some time with my family and friends and the kids really enjoyed themselves with little egg hunts at a friends house. This past week was an awesome one. ..... Drakes behavior is improving immensely. I am not even exaggerating, remember when I was talking about how he loved to test me and was having a lot of tantrums, well out of no where like a month before he turned four, it stopped! March came and I started seeing a huge improvement, he would ask for things ... Read the Post

March | 5 Favorites

I know it's been well over a week that we've been in April, but I just wanted to share some of my recent finds and favorite March products that I purchased! This will be just a mixture of items that I loved using the whole month of March! Trader Joe's Roasted Coconut Chips | You guys, if you haven't tried these yet, you better run your butt out to your local Trader Joe's and pick it up. Not one but 10 bags if you can! I love to chomp on these when I'm in need of a sweet or salty fix, and let's not forget that it's only 160 calories for half ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Fitness & Birthdays

Hope your weekend was great, mine was okay, I enjoyed it, if i do say so myself! What happened this week well a few good and bad things. My Macbook screen cracked. I was so pissed. I went to grab it and I guess my thumb pressed the screen hard when I went to pick it up because it crushed under the pressure. Now I have to find a computer repair shop. The good thing though is that it's on the black side and peeking a little in to the main screen and faintly in the middle so it doesn't obstruct my vision on the computer, its just off ... Read the Post

Loving | Kitchen Decor

Oh, the fun of decorating. Ever since I started my wedding registry, I have been dreaming up ideas for our place. I always wondered what color I would have my kitchen. Maybe it's just me but I like to see a themed or colored kitchen. After all my moms kitchen is red. Red toaster, microwave, toaster oven, kitchen linens ..... you get the picture. As I was looking for an idea on what to put on my registry I kind of got caught up on the kitchen aid at first, because I love to bake. So then I started checking out all the fun colors to choose from ... Read the Post

Drake is Four!

Yesterday, just like that, he turned four. These past three years, I've learned so much about being a "mom". I didn't know how hard it would be, how much time and effort, and I especially didn't know the love I would feel for him. Three years, just like that. A blink of an eye. I completely understand what mother's feel, I understand what they mean when they say "they grow so fast", because they really do. He's four years old and so so smart! For those who don't know (and i really never shared the full story), Drake is my second cousin. ... Read the Post