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Wedding Registries

These next few months around here I will be discussing a lot more about wedding stuff. Wedding Registries, Oh how overwhelming they can be! One of the joys of planning a wedding is creating a wedding registry! Lots of family and friends will be asking you where you are registered at and it's good to get that out the way early. So here are my tips on creating a registry and what are the basics I would recommend to get on the registry first. Places I Registered at: Bed Bath & Beyond | If you are into getting a wide range of items and at ... Read the Post

101 In 1001

So I decided I want to do a list of goals that is more reasonable to get done within enough time. I have seen the 101 in 1001 everywhere and yes, I will be joining the bandwagon of people doing it. So if you want to know more info on this fun bucket list check out this site. I love a good list of goals, but I realized sometimes just having a random bucket list isn't enough, because you leave it set aside and forget about it, this one you have 2.75 years to try to complete it. So here we go: Date Started: May 20, 2014 || Date Ends: ... Read the Post

Life Lately | Past Two Weeks

Manicured nails are the best ..... My boss gave me and the other Secretary a gel manicure and pedicure and i got to experience a gelly pedicure which is awesome! If you haven't tried it yet see if your salon offers it and do it! It feels like you are soaking your feet in warm jello. I got my nails done in a pretty canary yellow and my friend Liz got her's in pink. I spent time with friends, just laughing joking and having fun talking about crazy stuff, it is never a dull moment when we get together.Life has been messy around here lately, I ... Read the Post