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Goodbye 2015!

Goodbye 2015! What a blessing 2015 has been! I still cannot believe how quickly the year flew by! This is the year Donovan was born and Drake got a new baby brother. The year we took the kids to Disney World for the first time, and did a lot of traveling, this was also the year my sister ran the NYC Marathon but it was also the year I lost a dear friend. Life is crazy, every year is always ... Read the Post

Thomas Donovan

It's been months and I missed you blog world! A lot has happened these past few months and I got caught up all in the mix and lost track of my blog. I honestly don't regret it though, I really got to focus on my life at the moment and what's been going on. I got to absorb all the excitement and enjoy this new beginning! What new beginning you may ask? Well ..... I had a baby! Yes a little boy and ... Read the Post

Loving | Home Decor

I have been snooping around over at Pinterest looking for some ideas on home decor. I get bored of things very easily and I am already thinking about changing my living room wall color! I know I have a problem, my husband looked at me with the don't even think about it face. Anyway, these are some of the beautiful rooms that I have fell in love with while snooping around. This room is so ... Read the Post