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Wedding Wednesday | What Went Wrong

I had a great time at my wedding, it's true what they say it really does go by so fast. It's kind of crazy how we spend months planning and boom, you're done in 5 hours. Although it was a beautiful day there were things that went wrong, was it bad, not necessarily. It didn't put a damper on my wedding and I still enjoyed the event. It did get a little annoying though because some of the things that went wrong was: The weather was so humid. I kid you not, it was like jungle weather out there. My wedding was at 8:00 p.m. and the whole time ... Read the Post

The Weekly & The Lion King!

This week has been one of the snowiest weeks ever! I usually don't mind winter but it has been so slippery out that I wasn't enjoying it too much, not to mention my windshield wipers froze and my door was frozen shut and it was just a mess to get the car and wipers to start working again! I'm just ready for some pretty spring weather now, I get it people! I get why you hate winter! Drake has been loving this weather though, he was in shock when he saw we got so much snow because he has been seeing a little bit here and there, but the other day ... Read the Post