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Lush Haul

While at Vegas I stopped by their local Lush Store and did a Lush Haul of course! I went a little bonkers with the stuff they had. I probably would of bought more but my husband couldn't take the smell much longer in the store haha. Their stuff is amazing, I love that its handmade soaps without all the harsh chemicals and they always smell amazing! Seriously I had these items in a bag in my bedroom and it smelled my room up. Lush has an amazing exfoliator that I have and love which is their Ocean Salt. I was happy to see it is self preserving ... Read the Post

Vegas Diaries

Last week we went to fabulous Las Vegas! It was a great time with friends and family. We got to witness a family member get married after 12 years together on April Fools Day, which to be honest I thought they were bluffing at first, but it happened! The wedding was beautiful! We had a great time, we stood at Treasure Island which was close to everything on Las Vegas Blvd. We hung out Downtown in Fremont which is where the "fun" people hang. I saw a lot of crazy things and a lot of people showing off their skills like this guy elevating in ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Four

Oh my sweet Donovan, at four months you were simply beginning to do amazing things. I feel like this is the month you have grown to show your personality. Your constant giggles melt my heart and your growing strength always amazes me daily. At four months you are quite the happy baby. I rarely hear you cry (of course only if you're hungry, then you mean business) other than that you are always smiling and giggling with anyone for anything. You weighed 20-23lbs and are still going strong with the breastfeeding. A lot of people are always ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Vegas & Showers

He is growing pretty quickly. He is already 23 lbs! I'm telling you I don't know what's in my breastmilk, its like super milk or something because the kid is growing insanely fast. It's kind of a funny joke I guess most breastfeeding mommas joke about. He's the cutest chubster though, I love him like this. He's so chubby he got a shot in his thigh and didn't even flinch. I think I was more scared than he was lol. He loves to sit up and look around at what's going on. My mom recently purchased him a walker and at first I was against it, I felt ... Read the Post

My Current Dining Room and Mood Board

My Apartment is my home and I love to decorate it. Since we moved in last fall I've been doing little updates here and there around the home but haven't really finished each room because, well it takes time and money haha. This was the before photo below (sorry for the bad quality photos, taken by real estate people) but yes  it was in a ugly state and we have done quite some work so far to get it to where it's at now. We painted, the rug was removed when we moved in but we refinished the wood, and added some decor here and there. So right now ... Read the Post