Archives for June 2016

Donovan | Month Six

Oh my sweet Donovan. I cannot believe half a year has flown by. Every day I look at you and I realize how blessed I am to have you, you are the sweetest, calmest baby and rarely cry. Everyone that knows you are always complimenting saying what a "good" baby I have or how "lucky" I am that I have such a calm and happy baby. I can't lie, It's true! I am very lucky to have you and thank god daily for ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Summer Beginning

The beginning of summer is pretty nice here in New York. The weather is beautiful, we escaped some storms but these past few days have been sunny and breezy. The kids are almost done with school, and we've been taking them for walks and to the park a lot. Anything to keep them busy and outside the apartment. Speaking of apartments, I have been in cleaning mode x1o0 but what else is new with me, ... Read the Post

How I Organize My Diaper Bag

Hey guys, so today I wanted to show you how I organize my diaper bag. I have seen a lot of nice stylish Diaper Bags out there lately. Today though I wanted to share the current bag I am using with Donovan and how I keep it organized. I got this as a gift and I can't lie, I love it! I was so against a diaper bag at the beginning. I wanted something stylish, but simple that I can match with my ... Read the Post