April Goals

Welcome April! I love that once April rolls around all you can think about is pretty flowers and that spring is finally here! I honestly can’t believe how quickly the months are going either, there seriously is not enough time in a day! I wanted to list a couple of my goals for this month, and it’s not like I have to reach these goals, but It’s for my purpose so I can see what I’ve got done and achieved throughout the month. I love eventually seeing in perspective how far I’ve come. I feel like sometimes we can be our own worst critic and feel like we never do enough, so this might share some insight on how much I’ve gotten done for the month and what I need to work on!


  • Read a book – I kind of fell off the reading these past few months, so I want to start getting into my reading list and at least finish one book this month!
  • Purge things I don’t really need. I know everyone is on a Marie Condo binge, but I read her books about a year ago and It inspired me so much then! So since now it’s a Netflix show and I watched a couple of episodes, it got me into the mood to want to purge things! It’s kind of insane how many things sneak into your home and you don’t realize how much stuff you have in drawers, closets and anywhere else you usually store stuff.
  • Get in a habit of planning my weeks out. I did it before but stopped and now realize that it is key to keeping me productive and on top of things. I noticed once I relied on my phone calendar that I wasn’t crossing things off my list as fast as I was when I was using my daily planner. So I want to get back in the habit of that.
  • Focus more on my Insta stories content and also do a couple of youtube videos. That is one of my bigger goals this month, I would love to have some content on youtube for you guys to share on things I love, DIY’s and party & home decor Inspo.

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