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bcurlyOh the wonderful world of curly hair. It’s honestly a love/hate relationship with me. I know having curly hair can be a blessing for some because it looks beautiful but if i could have it my way it would be dead straight, and here’s why:

  • I don’t have to cry while combing out my hair. My hair is fine, curly and boy does it hurt to comb, there is no such thing as combing my hair dry! It must always have conditioner and wet.
  • I won’t have constant knotty hair, after three days my hair looks like a birds nest. not cool. It’s just not cool to comb out either.
  • You can detect the humidity with your hair. Seriously, want to know if it’s humid out before leaving the house, look at your hair.
  • Just frizz in general.
  • You spend a fortune on products which tell you, “use a dime size amount” ha! do you not know what my hair will do to that dime size amount?! It will swallow it and make it dissapear! So i have to use more and then it lasts me less than a month. Seriously?!
  • Constantly breaking hair ties 🙂 i go through them like water.
  • oh let’s not forget that you shouldn’t dry it with a blow dryer after a shower unless you have a diffuser (which i don’t). Instead you have to suck it up and air dry or else you’ll look like a lion in the end.

So would i trade it? Yes. Do i like it at times? Yes. I only use certain products in my hair which i have tried and used and swear by. But that’s for my type of curly hair, because everyone’s curly hair is different. i have fine curly hair, but there is thick curly hair, there is dry curly hair and normal curly hair there is wavy curly hair, coarse curly hair and i’m sure more ….. phew, you get my drift?! So yes, these are the products i use to tame this thing we call “curly hair” and I like them.

  1. Curly Pudding | Think of pudding and how it feels and putting it in your hair, well it feels like that except it smells delicious and it leaves your hair super soft. You can use this with gel to leave a soft curly look or just by itself and let it air dry with it in after a shower and wow super natural tamed curls.
  2. Queen Helene Gel | This is my go to gel for hair styling or leaving it down curly and knowing it won’t frizz up so much. It does get hard sometimes so i like to mix it with the hair creams i’ve mention here and it leaves my hair soft but firm and holds my curls nice, plus i love that it’s alcohol free, and isn’t sticky or does not make your hair look flaky when you touch it.
  3. Curly Merengue | This is similar to Curly Pudding but it will give it a stronger hold but not sticky or hard in my opinion and omg does it smell good! This is great for braids or styles because it keeps the frizz in place a lot and won’t get your hair hard like gel does.
  4. Pillow Soft Curls | Ok if you want super soft fluffy curls this is the product i use, i love miss jessie’s line of curl creams they are great but this one is a little different, at least for me it is. When i get out the shower i add this in and let it dry naturally and my curls are tamed but pouffier and softer. You can add to it daily for restyling the following day and your hair is left super soft.
  5. Hair Knot Ties | Whatever you call them these hair ties go on and off super smoothly without snagging my hair constantly. They slide off easily too and best of all do not pop or break while tying my hair up which i hate.
  6. Moroccan Mask | Moroccan anything is great, i love their line and it really helps hydrate and repair my hair when i use it. It’s a good treatment i like to give my hair.
  7. Herbal Essence Hello Hydration | The name says it all. When i use this shampoo and conditioner my hair feels like it went from dry to super hydrated and healthy. It feels like it got a deep conditioning done. It also helps me comb my hair out in the shower.

So what are your favorite products for curly hair or even straight, let me know if you use something you love for your hair. Even if it’s not for curly hair, i still like to try them out.



  1. YES! Those products that say “dime-sized amount” are ridiculous. I put handfuls of whatever in. I’m just now trying to figure out the curly hair product thing, but I like the Carol’s Daughter Co-Wash and still use smoothing products like the Chi Keratin Mist that I used when I was wearing my hair straight. I like to think it makes my hair not look unruly, but I’m probably fooling myself!

    • I love carol’s daughter i used their hair milk one time and it was great, but buying it often can become expensive. I buy it from time to time. I have to try the co-wash and the chi keratin mist.

    • I love carol’s daughter i used their hair milk one time and it was great, but buying it often can become expensive. I buy it from time to time. I have to try the co-wash and the chi keratin mist.


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