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januarybeautyfavorites10055404I love winter but lately my skin has been drying up badly. I mean I look like a chalk board bad. I have been looking for some products that I could use on a regular basis. I can’t rely on regular lotion because sometimes it just doesn’t do it any justice and you will still find me trying to rip my skin apart. So I decided to go check out the Soap & Glory Body Butter. Talk about “butter” this thing sinks into my skin so well and It makes my skin feel so smooth without having that oily feeling after. My skin has felt so much healthier as well. I don’t itch anymore. It has the Shea scent but the butter does not smell to strong and it is so smooth to rub on. Nothing like other sticky lotions out there or lotions that are far too oily. Its a clean creamy feel.

Speaking of dry skin we all know that cracked skin look you get on your legs when it’s cold out? No? Just Me? You know! When you shave and it looks like fish scales all over your leg? Okay well ….. I also came across another awesome product called Flake Away by Soap & Glory and it is sooooo good! I even use it all over my body! Its a nice exfoliating scrub, it helped clean up that dry flaky skin and make my skin look healthier. I’ve also been loving their facial cleanser too. It doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and I love how it has a yummy sweet grapefruit citrus smell. So refreshing. Although it has that citrus feel it does not sting at all. It cleans, clarifies, and smooths your skin and what I love most is that its easy to rinse off.soapandgloryNow off topic and on to lips, my favorite colors this month are the Flat out Fabulous by MAC and the Naughty Nude, both are matte lipsticks which are my favorite. Both are wonderful to wear because the pink is that great punch of color but not a bright summer color if you get what I mean, it’s a cool bright pink. As for the nude, I just love how it looks with my complexion and it gives you that warm nude look without making you look washed out. Both are matte lipsticks just incase you’re not into the matte look, I use a lip balm slightly before applying so it doesn’t dry out my lips.

dior pure poisonNow I’m not sure if anyone has ever bought this perfume, but pure poison is my all time favorite perfume. For Christmas my sister bought me a large bottle which was custom hand painted and personalized with my name etched on the bottle. It was a special bloomingdales was offering to their customers and I love it! It is one of my favorite perfumes to wear this winter and I have been spraying it daily for the month of January. I feel like it’s my winter scent and I love it! It’s sweet but suttle, sexy, and not anywhere near floral. I know they have a red bottle called hypnotic poison and I want to try it out one day, because if this one smells delicious I could only imagine the red one.

What are your favorite beauty items this month? Do you have a scent of perfume that you wear seasonal or all the time that you love?


    • Yes I know, This winter has been one of the driest weather in my opinion. I was even getting dry skin on my face and it started burning. Spring come soon!

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