Currently | Jan. 7th

c17Drinking: Water, i kind of got tired of the coffee high i was having in December, I started to realize i needed to drink more water, i was breaking out like crazy so yes water water water.
Eating: Pretty much homemade, non-fast food. Trying to eat clean.
Listening: To Drake whining constantly, seriously i do not know what is on his biscuit lately but he is not trying to talk normal, like ever.
Watching: Dexter Series, almost done with it on Netflix.
Reading: The news online, seriously this is why i don’t watch or read the news, so many tragedies and sad stories.
Feeling: Excited! I want to do everything!
Weather: Cold, Really it’s actually freezing it is 9 degrees outside but feels like -15 degrees, but i like it i can’t take the heat.
Wanting: A personal photographer lol. Oh and the Heroine lipstick from MAC.
Needing: A new camera lens.
Wishing: Unexpected expenses would stop popping up.
Thinking: People messed up Instagram.
Enjoying: My new cozy Uggs.
Loving: My hair straight lately, makes it so much easier to maintain daily.


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