Favorite Beauty Products for the Summer!

As a person who suffers from oily/dry skin, the summer time can be very irritating OR helpful to my skin. During the winter time i love to use foundation to even my skin tone. Only thing is that when summer time comes around  and i begin to get a tanned color i feel like sometimes i don’t have to use foundation as much, so i keep it simple. Here are my 5 top summer favorites when it comes to makeup that make you pop without over doing it on the makeup!

1. I use Mac Golden Deposit skin finish to add as a blush/high light on my cheekbones, it make my skin have more of a nice glow.

2. Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lipgloss is great for the summer, it leaves a cool feeling, isn’t sticky and looks great and it has spf!

3. Mac Bronzing Powder i use to contour my cheekbones and add it to all the spots the sun hits on my face.

4. Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion 3 is a lotion i like to rub on my face before applying anything to control my oily skin.

5. Maybeline eyebrow Pencil, nothing looks better than a defined eyebrow. Your face usually needs hardly any makeup if your eyebrows are looking good, i like to tweeze and just add some pencil shade in dark brown too add more definition to my eyebrows.

This look is my everyday makeup and beauty care i use in the summer, it feels good to have hardly anything on on my face those hot humid days but still look like you have beautiful natural skin with a pop of something. But they cant tell because it’s super simple.

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