Focus | My word for 2016

So this year I am planning to focus. I didn’t want to set any resolutions/goals for the new year because as much as I try to stick to them, I don’t. I just want to “focus” on my word this year. Just simply focusing on what’s important to me and sticking to it. Focus My word for 2016, Its my one little word ®.

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I realized that I am always the type of person to lose focus of things a lot, it’s one of my down falls. I make goals and lose focus, I plan things and lose focus. Something as small as preparing a meal I lose focus messing it up because I am busy doing other things I shouldn’t be doing while cooking. I also cannot stick to one thing at a time, I am always somehow multitasking a whole bunch of things at once when I should just focus on one thing. So that is my word for 2016. Simple and straight to the point. I just want to focus on what’s important to me this year, on what really matters and stop trying to please everyone else. Here is to a new year of getting my butt in the grind of focusing on my dreams, what is your word for the year?

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