Jewel Mint

I’ve been hearing a lot about and their jewelery and i wasn’t too sure about them. I heard they have great quality jewelery that does not tarnish and it is sort of like a shoedazzle, or justfab but with jewelery. You subscribe and take a test, each month they select jewelery based on your taste and style and put in your showroom, then you have the option to buy. It’s $30.00 doesn’t matter what jewelery you buy it’s a flat rate. What i like about them is that their jewelery is really original, all the pieces they have in their showrooms are pieces you really don’t find in your average forever21 store, afaze, etc.

I was a little skeptical about ordering a piece because i wasn’t too sure about the quality and so when i got an e-mail with a coupon for 75% off i had to try it. So i decided to buy the Trinity Rings because i liked that i can wear them separately or together. In my opinion they look better together. But the quality is great and i LOVE the packaging, i swear they won me away with their perfect packaging! Reminds me of Tiffany & Co. So so far good and i will be buying from them again. Do i recommend them? Yes!

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