This Past Weekend

This weekend I hit up Ikea on a hunt for a small kitchen table & chairs that we could put in our small kitchen. Even though we have a formal dining set, we wanted a small table to chill and have breakfast on those days when it’s just Thomas and I. We went to Ikea and I was kind of surprised at their poor selection of stuff. Everything was either too big or too small. I was disappointed because I feel like Ikea is known for making things work in small places and for some reason I couldn’t find a small bar table. I wanted a table that was narrow but long that I could just put against a wall and add some bar stools under it. They do have the option of long shelves, but I don’t want to nail anything onto the wall. So I bought something that I thought would work, but it ended up being a disappointment because it was too bulky in the kitchen, so we returned it and had to wait another 2 hours online! Next time I go to Ikea I better make sure I like whatever I buy because the return section was the worst! Then I went to go pick up this guy and it was sold out, total bummer.IMG_2341365 | Day 38

Drake was taking ton of pictures with my phone. He caught some cool photos ….. and a lot of bad ones, still we have to let kids use cameras more often, you’d be surprised at what they will take. I ended up picking up this bookcase as well for my office, I just have to build it next!

I also went to the city to show my cousin around. It’s always fun to see the reaction of people when they see times square for the first time.IMG_0537 IMG_0545 IMG_0550

The rest of Sunday I just hung out and relaxed with the kiddos. It was more them playing and I laid on the couch at my moms house with my grandmother and Lola watching TV.365 | Day 39

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, now who’s going to see 50 Shades of Grey?! I’m going with some friends since we read the book together, girls night! I love the soundtracks from the movie especially this song!

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