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I love looking at home decor. I can’t wait to begin decorating my new home, god willing all goes smooth. These are some of the styles I have been loving and drooling over.livingroomI would love to have a nice sectional, I love how the sofas stand out agains the walls. So classic yet modern.


This kitchen is lovely, Except I would love mine citrus colors, like yellow with orange accent colors. I love how the drapes on the window looks and I love how they organized their pots and pans.

bedroomI really want my bed to have some type of draping like a canopy. I love the way they used a curved rod to hang a curtain on it looks beautiful! or the canopy behind the bed looks beautiful and different too.

bathroomThe bathroom is usually the most annoying place to decorate but who says your bathroom can’t look nice. I love a nice organized well displayed bathroom, Look at these shelving and bookcase in a bathroom to hold all your necessities! Love how they put mouth wash in a apothecary jar. Way more prettier than a listerine bottle.

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    • Tupperware is another annoying thing. Those stackable Tupperware never stay stacked in my cabinets so yea i have to figure out a better solution for those too.

  1. that big, white, porcelain sink is just so beautiful. i love it! great interior inspiration. a pot and lid organizer is also a good idea. agree with Kathy@kathy_vodka_and_soda:disqus, too, i need something for tupperware. ughhh, the horror.


  2. That apothecary jar for the mouthwash is pure genius. I love home decor too, but I feel like that’s a blogger requirement, haha.

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