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I have been snooping around over at Pinterest looking for some ideas on home decor. I get bored of things very easily and I am already thinking about changing my living room wall color! I know I have a problem, my husband looked at me with the don’t even think about it face. Anyway, these are some of the beautiful rooms that I have fell in love with while snooping around.

044e819b05a589807c4d2bf1543eb390This room is so beautiful I love the mixture of white, wood with the coral and gold. Reminds me of my wedding colors.

mDSC_3732When I was looking for bedroom decor ideas this blog had me drooling over this beautiful bedroom. It was the inspiration to my bedroom which I will share very soon. I just love all the grey, white and mirrored tones.

IDxTheEverygirl-prints_1024x1024I just love the looks of this bricked wall, the color scheme of the whole living area is beautiful.

rugqueenThese tips on what size rug to buy! Very handy info. Helped me decide on my area rug dimensions.

1b3d594291ce019e9cdbd28c9a3e33c2This DIY Sideboard/cabinet is amazing! She took a regular old boring cabinet and transformed it! I have a blank space in my living room that I’ve had an itce to put a sideboard or buffet cabinet at but they are so expensive. I love the idea of this!

7953b7e9352a461b0eb981e557be90d7This display of china plates is honestly so different and beautiful, this has be wanting to collect antique plates to hang!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! xo Liliana


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