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kitchenspirationOh, the fun of decorating. Ever since I started my wedding registry, I have been dreaming up ideas for our place. I always wondered what color I would have my kitchen. Maybe it’s just me but I like to see a themed or colored kitchen. After all my moms kitchen is red. Red toaster, microwave, toaster oven, kitchen linens ….. you get the picture. As I was looking for an idea on what to put on my registry I kind of got caught up on the kitchen aid at first, because I love to bake. So then I started checking out all the fun colors to choose from and the one color that came at me so cheerfully was the Tangerine. I loved it and figured, hey why not orange! Then I started to think of the tackiness orange can bring and figured hummm, maybe citrus colors?! So I settled on white (the majority color) with accents of orange and yellow. Here is what I am loving for kitchen decor ideas. Check out how beautiful they decorated this tangerine kitchen aid! I wish I knew the source, the pin on pinterest is no bueno.kitchenspiration2

Not sure where we will be living or how our kitchen will look when we rent, but I am definitely excited at playing with these colors and making it work. I love the fresh feel it gives without being to overwhelming. What color is your kitchen or your inspirational color for a kitchen?

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  1. Oh my gosh, that kitchenaide is perfect!!!! I asked my mom for one for my birthday and she tells me “um no. that’s something you get when you’re getting married!” haha, so I told my boyfriend that we HAVE to get married now 😉

    You’re still a no reply :/ I know for awhile I couldnt figure out why I was – cause I was commenting directly with google and my profile was linked. I used this tutorial and fixed it up 🙂

    But anyways, my doctor gave me loestrin too and I think that’s why I’m like this… I’ve heard that A LOT of girls feel this way with this specific birth control and I’m highly highly considering going to the doctor and asking for a switch because this is not cool!

    • hahaha yea supposedly it is because i got one as a gift from my aunt when she found out i was engaged. I hated Loestrine it even made my libido go down, supposedly it is the lowest hormone pill but i think its bull because I was sooooo moody and a hot mess. Everyone’s side effects are different so if you don’t feel like it’s right then dump it. I don’t use anything at the current moment (tmi?) because I don’t want to deal with the side effects. I just track my period and use condoms when it’s fertile period. Problem solved!

    • I love baking so i guess I will get good use out of it and I love all the attachments that you can buy along with it too! I didn’t even know it came with so many. Someone gifted me an Ice cream maker that attaches to my kitchen aid, although I probably wont use it often, i’m still excited about using it. Talk about convenient!

  2. I love those colors! One of my grandmothers had a kitchen that had orange accents and other other’s was yellow with orange and those always felt like home to me so I am really feeling all of those citrus-y colors!! They are very lively yet inviting.

    • 🙂 Yup I agree they are, I just don’t want to over kill it though haha, because orange is such a strong color, so I have to balance it out. So I think they white will help with it.

  3. Hi there!!! just came across your blog, thought I should come and say a big HELLO 🙂 love the kitchen colors, I would die for any kitchen like that. Myself and my husband are currently renting/living with my sister and her husband while we save up for a house, but my husband is a chef so he has already said he has full decorating control of the kitchen so fingers crossed when the day comes to us getting a home we can agree on a design haha

    xx amber

    • Hey thanks for coming by :), renting and living with others to save for a house is genius. I honestly wish i could do the same :-/ it looks like I will be renting for a bit on our own till we have enough saved. But I am sure you guys will find something you love for decorating the kitchen, wow a chef! That must be awesome to have at home permenently! lol.

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