Loving | Kitchen Decor

kitchenspirationOh, the fun of decorating. Ever since I started my wedding registry, I have been dreaming up ideas for our place. I always wondered what color I would have my kitchen. Maybe it’s just me but I like to see a themed or colored kitchen. After all my moms kitchen is red. Red toaster, microwave, toaster oven, kitchen linens ….. you get the picture. As I was looking for an idea on what to put on my registry I kind of got caught up on the kitchen aid at first, because I love to bake. So then I started checking out all the fun colors to choose from and the one color that came at me so cheerfully was the Tangerine. I loved it and figured, hey why not orange! Then I started to think of the tackiness orange can bring and figured hummm, maybe citrus colors?! So I settled on white (the majority color) with accents of orange and yellow. Here is what I am loving for kitchen decor ideas. Check out how beautiful they decorated this tangerine kitchen aid! I wish I knew the source, the pin on pinterest is no bueno.kitchenspiration2

Not sure where we will be living or how our kitchen will look when we rent, but I am definitely excited at playing with these colors and making it work. I love the fresh feel it gives without being to overwhelming. What color is your kitchen or your inspirational color for a kitchen?

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