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Spring is finally here and i am loving a couple of new fashion styles coming out this season and of course i had to purchase a fun thing i found on the internet lately. Also we have some new chicks that are born this april at my job. Every year we hatch little chicks and well this year about 30/40 hatched. This was the little oddball out the only darkess one there her name is Cutlet (I didn’t name her).

Cutlet | Spring 2011Cutlet | Spring 2011Cutlet | Spring 2011Spring 2011

One thing i am loving that i recently got was my Lucky Strap for my DSLR camera. I really don’t like the neck straps that go around your neck to hold your camera, the weight of the camera is heavy and well i rather just have something that can go around my wrist just incase i decide to drop it accidentally it’s safe. So Lucky Straps does these wrist straps for DSLR’s as well as Neck straps. It is so cute, i love the swarvoski crystals on it and i can easily adjust the tightness of the strap around my wrist so if i let go of the camera it is not going anywhere!!!!! What i think i love most about this is the clip that it has where you can remove your current strap and switch it to a neck strap or another wrist strap without having to take off the nylon strap wrapped around on the holder.


I love how now there are so many options out there thanks to Now you can get a ton of original and handcrafted things that you won’t find anywhere else.


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