Lush Haul

While at Vegas I stopped by their local Lush Store and did a Lush Haul of course! I went a little bonkers with the stuff they had. I probably would of bought more but my husband couldn’t take the smell much longer in the store haha. Their stuff is amazing, I love that its handmade soaps without all the harsh chemicals and they always smell amazing! Seriously I had these items in a bag in my bedroom and it smelled my room up. Lush has an amazing exfoliator that I have and love which is their Ocean Salt. I was happy to see it is self preserving now. I never let the old jars of Ocean Salt go bad anyway because I constantly used it all up. It is so refreshing and leaves your skin feeling as soft as a babies butt! I also picked up some bath bombs in the Golden Egg which is very glittery but it seems to wash off quickly so I will let you know how all that glitter goes. I picked up some Creamy Bubble Bars in Creamy Candy,  The Rainbow Fun bath soap that smells amazing! It’s a bunch of fruity smells mixed in one. I also got some fun massage bars in Shimmy Shimmy that has a hint of shimmer to it can’t wait to see how that leaves my skin and Each Peach which really smells like lemon to me not peach. Last but not least I picked up the Bubble Gum lip scrub which tastes delicious! I got it to scrub away my dry lips after using the matte lipsticks that I love to wear.

I will let you know how the golden egg goes. Do you shop lush, what are your favorite products?


  1. I have seriously never bought any Lush products but I have gone to their store once. I think I was overwhelmed with their setup and how tiny the store was so I bolted out of there LOL. I would love to go again and do my homework as far as what I’m looking for before I go in unprepared.. that’s what makes me get flustered. I hear the Bath Bombs are very popular and I smelled a few my friend bought one time so those are always a go to. Let me know how the golden egg does!! so cute 🙂

    • I wont lie Lush can be a bit overwhelming when you walk through those doors, I use to feel the same way but once you do your research online shopping in the store is a bit easier.

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