Project Life | December 2013


Wow the last month of my project life 2013 album. I finished it! Woot Woot! I cannot believe one year flew by so fast. I am glad i got to capture it all in my 2013 album. It’s amazing and i will be continuing to document my life in 2014, this time i will do it weekly. I’ve enjoyed doing it monthly but since i really want to get into doing the 365 photos for my first year married and all why not have my project life album weekly. Here is to another fun year of memory keeping. I love how this is honestly the easiest way for me to scrapbook simply without all the crap of glue sticks, layouts, etc. etc. You can make it as easy or as complicated as you like, and with my weird schedule this is perfect for me right now.

pl04pl05pl11pl06pl07pl10pl08pl09pl01Tools Used: Project Life: Honey Kit, Studio Calico: Antiquary, Cuppa, Double Scoop and Copper Mountain.


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