Project Life | February

Project Life for the month of February I will admit was very short, I guess I didn’t take much pictures in February but I’m glad I captured something. That’s the thing I love about Project Life, it’s a go at your own pace type of system. I love how I can document whatever I want, however I want and take my time with it. I don’t have to do any crazy layouts that take up time (although I enjoy it at times), but right now I can’t enjoy doing that at the moment every time I document something.  With this system I can just whip something up real quickly with whatever photos I’ve taken for the month or week. Here’s my Project Life February:Project Life februaryProject Life february Project Life february I loved Ali Edwards January story kit for the month of February layouts. The theme is seriously so cute with all the hearts. I took full advantage of this story kit, pretty much used it all up! This month I got to really document everything that makes my heart happy and it worked out because I captured a lot of photos that just melted my heart. Like Drake with Donovan playing, and taking Donovan to the park and the swing for the first time. Donovan’s first little baseball cap and Drakes love for cake and Ice Cream. This story kit couldn’t of worked out better with my photos for the month of February.

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