Project Life is in the House!

Finally has arrived my beautiful project life. So i was pondering on how i was going to go about setting this thing up and i figured i am going to go with the flow with it. I am going to add my photos as i take them not everyday 365 because sometimes i just don’t take photos daily, but by per month basis i will be loading photos in this album as i go along, as well as add all my additional seperate layouts i have made throughout the year per month. I will just put these in 12×12 page protectors and add them in the album so by the end of the year i have all my photos and layouts in one album for that year and so on. I want all my albums to match so i am going to purchase the We Are Memory Keepers leather photo albums to have them all look the same. The only albums that won’t match my yearly albums will be my random vacation/special events albums that i want to have in a seperate place altogether.

You know, while i was putting this album together i was thinking how easy it is, i was kind of skeptical about it before but now that i put my own together, i realize that this project life kit is just what i need. I honestly do not scrapbook everyday, although i love too, mind you i don’t have any kids, but i am always going out doing things so this kit is great in the sense that i can scrapbook my year as i take photos etc. and whenever i am in one of my little moods to create projects or create a layout in general i can just add those layouts in this album also. This is honestly one of the best systems ever and i really love it so far. Here is what i have done so far. I like the whole not having to do a daily photo, it helps me feel like i can finish this album one step at a time and include the important pictures i want to include as i go along and not having to feel like i HAVE to have one photo a day, and i just won’t feel guilty if i forgot a photo. This is how it’s coming along:


  1. It’s looking great! I read the previous post you wrote about this kit… And it seems so easy to do and practical that I considered buying it also. But I also feel a little skeptical about it… I would love to use it for my 52-Week Photo Project which I finally decided on doing this year, lol. Now that I see the way yours is coming along I feel as if I should just go ahead and get it. If it doesn’t work for that project I’m sure I’ll find something else to do with it! Thanks!

    • Oh but that’s the thing this kit is so flexible, you can do pictures daily, monthly or even weekly like you are doing. It’s all up to you!

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