Project Life | January 2016

New Year and Project Life January 2016 is happening around here!
IMG_1620One thing I love about keeping memories is looking back and seeing all the photos through out the year, you see photos you even forgot about. It brings back such a happy memory and you start to think, I am so lucky that I took them! That’s how I was feeling when putting together my album for 2016. Although I would love to do a weekly page layout, realistically for me this year it’s not going to work. I will continue however to do monthly layouts and I have found with this system I don’t feel guilty if I fall a little behind. Here is my January 2016, not much went on because I was dealing with a kid in the hospital and my best friend had her daughter, So I was not too on top of taking photos etc. which I will make it my business not to do that anymore.IMG_1620

IMG_1631 One way that I am keeping up with my journaling and I did this a while back is using day one journal. If you haven’t heard of it and are a mac user, it’s a really good digital journal that you can use on your macbook or on your iPhone, iPad etc. It all syncs so I like jotting down daily entries on just how I am feeling, what has caught my interest or a conversation I had with Drake that I want to save. If you don’t have mac there are other alternatives that are just as good out there like: Diario that you can use on your web browser as well. Having these digital journals make it easy to capture your thoughts at the moment and you can always go back to them when you’re ready to add them to your layouts. So there is no reason to forget what to journal on your layouts!

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