Things I Miss From Childhood

I came across some stuff watching this video on youtube and i started remembering all the things I loved as a kid in the 90’s. My childhood was so fun and my family pretty much always gave me anything I needed and I had a very memorable childhood. I mean I collected a lot of things, which I kind of miss. Here are some things I had during my childhood that I loved! Check out the video in the end, walk down memory lane if you grew up in the 90’s.

baby-sitters-club-1 goosebumps_542083

I was and still am a huge bookworm and I use to love reading all the babysitters club books, I had all the dolls at one point too & since I was always into scary things I loved Goosebumps books.


Let’s not forget Lisa Frank girls. every time I walked into the school supply or stationary section of a store I would go crazy when I found anything Lisa Frank. I loved all the bright colors.


Pogs! Who remember these things, believe it or not i collected a ton but I never understood how to play them really. I just loved trading them and I use to have a huge tube case for them lol.


I remember when I saw the commercial for Skip It, I wanted it so bad. Once I actually got to use it I rarely played with it although I loved it from time to time.


Justin Timberlake in NSYNC or any boy bands from back in the days, that was thing following boy bands.


Going to Blockbuster to pick up a couple of movies that we had 48 hours to watch and return back, oh let’s not forget we had to rewind the videos before returning. The fact that we had a lot of family time together to watch movies and agree on movies to watch together was something memorable that not a lot of people do today, everyone has iPhones and iPads of their own and everyone rarely watches movies on the couch together anymore.


Overalls! We all wore them! I had tons of them. That and a lot of baggy clothing.


Zack Morris, who didn’t crush on him?!

Look back at the 90’s …..

We were tacky but boy did we have an amazing childhood.


  1. haha yes yes yes! All of the above ūüôā Except I never had pogs. I remember them very well, most of my friends had them, but I just never did.

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