What I Love & Use

So i am always buying things to organize my life. And i thought i’d share some items that i have bought recently or have had from the past that i ♥love and will continue to use till i get sick of it.

Usually i hate having to dig through my purse, so i bought one of these in hot pink at my Barnes & Nobles but you can find them here as well. I usually store my keys, or power cords for my NookColor or my iPhone etc. in this zippered mesh pouch that way i can find everything i need in a jiffy.


I also have and ♥love is writeable mouse pads these are super convenient when you need to jot something down real wuick while you are at the computer.


Last but not least you know how i love my dslr to be with me at all times and sometimes i cannot have 5 different camera bags ….. (now that i think of it i have zero camera bags) but this insert i use and love because i can just put it inside any large purse (which is what i usually carry) and take my DSLR everywhere with me. If i want a different purse i just switch and insert it into a different purse.


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