Summer Bucket List

summerbucketlistI made a summer bucket list. I really want to make the best of the season this year instead of being clueless on what to do. I really want to try new places, to eat and explore different things that I can do with the kids. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out there and do things, that’s why I really like the summer, but the heat, not so much! Here’s what I plan to do this summer …..

  1. Visit Big Gay Ice Cream shop, I heard they have the greatest soft ice creams ūüôā The kids will love this place I’m sure.
  2. Go visit Montauk for a day again. I had a great time when it was just Thomas & I.
  3. Take the kids to an amusement park they haven’t been to before.
  4. Read two books.
  5. Do a video!
  6. Paint my Living Room.
  7. Finish decorating the Dining Room and Living Room.
  8. Visit a drive-in Movie Theatre.
  9. Go to Five New Restaurants In NYC.
  10. Start my business!

Here is to a new summer of fun goals! What’s on your bucket list this summer?!

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